It's been about five months since our most recent bundle of joy arrived and I've been asked a ton about what I brought to the hospital with me.  I feel like since this was my third time around I really scaled back from my first two trips, and this time I actually used everything I brought with me!

I packed everything in two bags along with an insulated bag (Yeti Soft Cooler) for food and drinks. One of my bags was for the labor room since I wanted that right away, and the other bag for recovery.  The insulated bag I used for both.

Labor Bag: 

Postpartum Recovery Bag:

  • 3 sets of pajamas with button tops (J.Crew, Eberjey, Lunya all have good choices)

  • 1 going home outfit (I wore a soft button up with loose fitting sweat pants)

  • 3 pairs of socks with sticky bottoms (Sticky Be)

  • Nursing bra (bambii the label)

  • Nursing pillow (Sustainable Baby)

  • Personal pillow from home

  • Flip flops if you plan on taking a shower and don't want to stand barefoot on the tile

  • Robe (Barefoot Dreams robe was a shower gift and oh what a luxury it was to have)

  • Extension cord for phone charger

  • Toiletries: Your own personal essentials, but be sure to remember a lotion or balm (I packed Nucifera Balm and Mist) and chapstick (Hurraw is my favorite) for the dry air in the hospital

  • Baby outfit x 2 (onesie and hat) (I packed a Solly and LouLou baby)

Food/Drink Bag:


    • Coconut Water (Harmless Coconut Water)

    • Almonds

    • Granola (Purely Elizabeth)


    • Bone Broth (Mother’s Bees)

    • Mother’s Milk Tea

    • Calm Magnesium

  • MISC.

    • Refillable water bottle (Swell)

    • Reusable cup for tea and broth (Yeti)

Partner Duties:

  • Insurance information

  • Stem Cell/Cord Blood/Placenta necessities

  • Carseat (Nuna Pipa Light)

  • Phone for pictures or camera

I think it goes without saying that everyones bags will be slightly different depending on their needs, birth plan, support, etc...but hope this helps to give you an idea of what worked for me!