Baby items are changing all the time, and I think there is just no way to keep up with it all. So needless to say that with a 6 year gap between my second son and my most recent, there have been lots of changes. I think most mothers would agree, that as you continue to have babies, you start to realize how little you actually need. But there have been a handful of (new to me) items that have really changed the game for me this time around. All of these were shared with me by other moms and I am so grateful for that. So if there is something you’re loving as a mom, be sure to share with your tribe, we all need to help one another out.

At four months postpartum, here are 4 items that I have absolutely loved, have made my life easier and I would recommend wholeheartedly.

  1. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump: This is a no brainer if you’re breastfeeding. You put it on the breast you’re not nursing from and it collects all the milk from your letdown that is usually just absorbed in the breast pad. This has been such an easy way for me to stash some milk in the freezer.

  2. Baby Shusher: Most of us either automatically “shush” our babies when they cry, or have been trained to do so after reading Dr. Harvey Karp’s book, The Happiest Baby on the Block. But this little machine does the shushing for you! It’s different than an ambient sound machine and actually calms your baby. I tend to use it most in the car, where I feel the most helpless, and it has been a lifesaver.

  3. Askr Embla Sleepod: I am a huge advocate for floor time, and actually shy away from any sort of baby contraption in order to promote babies development. So this sleepod has been a really useful tool for me to place little Anders down in a safe place and not have to run around grabbing blankets for him. He feels cozy and could lay their cooing for long stretches of time. Not to mention it is completely organic and beautifully designed.

  4. Willow Breast Pump: This was gifted to me and I couldn’t be more grateful! Completely wireless, this breast pump allows me to pump in the car, while helping the older kids get dressed and even while I get ready for the day myself. Pumping has never been a favorite past time for me, but with the Willow I can’t complain.