Allison Oswald, DPT, PT

Board Certified Women’s Health Physical Therapist based in Santa Monica, CA

Specializing in pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic floor pain, incontinence, diastasis recti and more.

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What Is A Women’s Health Physical Therapist?


“As a Women’s Health Physical Therapist, our goal is to optimize function as it relates to the pelvic floor. A Women’s Health Physical Therapist is competent in treating women who have had any pain, dysfunction, surgery or anything associated in their abdominal and/or pelvic region. This might include, but not limited to, issues in and around pregnancy and delivery, pelvic floor pain, incontinence, anorgasmia and more. And because the proper function of the pelvic floor is a key component to the core system, many other orthopedic concerns such as hip or back pain, can be treated by a Women’s Health PT as well.”


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