In this feature of Inspiring Mothers, I had the opportunity to interview Elle Rowley from Solly Baby Wrap.

Elle created Solly Baby Wrap because she saw that today’s baby carriers often left a mother’s body weary and wanted something that would benefit both her baby and herself when it came to daily activities. Solly Baby Wrap was then created to bring just that. It’s chic and comfortable wrap adds to this new dimension of baby wearing and is a product that I have used and highly recommend to my patients.

I was honored to sit down with Elle and Jenni Kayne earlier this afternoon for a luncheon to discuss the many benefits of baby wearing and mommy mechanics, a topic both of which I am passionate about and discuss with my patients. I hope that you’ll enjoy this edition of Inspiring Mother’s with Elle Rowley!

Thank you Elle!


AO: What’s one thing you wish you had access to before you started a family, be it in doctors, healers, community, pain management etc. 

ER: I wish I’d had a midwife or other resource to guide me through the whole process and through the postpartum experience. There are so few resources other than Google and other moms to walk you through how to care for an infant and yourself for the first year. 


AO: What are you surprised that no one ever talks about that happens to your mind or body before pregnancy or after pregnancy.

ER: Breastfeeding and postpartum depression were so rarely talked about when I had my first, but the difficulties surrounding it seems to be much more a part of the conversation now. I actually feel like we are moving in a really positive direction in the communities I’m a part of in terms opening up the conversation surrounding pregnancy and postpartum. There’s still a lot more that needs to be explored psychologically and emotionally, but I think we are on the right path, thanks in large part to social media providing a place to share real stories. 


AO: If you knew then what you know now, would you change anything?

ER: Absolutely! I would’ve reached out more for support and guidance. I wouldn’t have felt like I needed to prove so much (in terms of how fast I “bounced back” or how I was caring for my child). I also would’ve asked more questions and, at the same time, I would’ve slowed down and tuned in to my own instincts a little more as well. 


AO:  What has been the biggest surprise post pregnancy? 

ER: How resilient and incredible my body is. It is so far from what the world views as perfect, but it has given me four of the greatest blessings of my life. I have so much gratitude for my body. I didn’t feel like that after my other babies, it was too easy to be critical, but this time I have nothing but gratitude. 


AO:  How has your body amazed you on this journey?

ER: Just the fact that it has kept up with my life as a mom of four and a business is amazing! I have been really sleep-deprived this past year, and at 11 months postpartum, I feel like I’m just coming out of the “fog”, but I was still able to do so much this past year. What a gift!



photographed by: morgan pansing