As a mother of two, my days are often planned down the minute…work, preschool, playdates, swim lessons and more!  And then if I’m lucky, I squeeze in a date night, a hair appointments or a mani/pedi.  But why is that I can feel guilty for taking that extra hour or two to myself?  All of the “I should’s” always quickly rush through my head…

  • I should be home playing with my boys
  • I should be home making dinner
  • I should be working

And I know I’m not alone in this struggle.  My mommy clients and friends often express the same feelings.  Some moms refer to this as “mommy’s guilt”-that lovely feeling of always feeling like we should be doing more for our kids.  It come from such a good place in all of us, but we (I) need to practice letting it go!

And this last week, while I was in Colorado taking a course, I had the perfect opportunity to take advantage of some me time, while focusing on embracing the moment versus feeling guilty about it.  I leisurely enjoyed dinner alone outside (with a glass of rose, as you can see in the picture), I got a massage one evening after class and I even took a few hikes.  I know being out of town alone makes it easier to take time for yourself, but it made me realize how I need to do it more often when I’m home.

So I’m writing this blog as a reminder to myself and to all of you.  Our time will always be limited, there is always more we can do, but ultimately we are happier, more fulfilled and more present with our children when we take care of ourselves.  So take that extra hour to yourself without guilt and do exactly what makes you happy!