I was fortunate to have been a part of Sweet Laurel Bakery’s Motherhood Wellness Workshop a few weeks ago in beautiful LA. Laurel and Claire, the wonderful mothers and chefs behind Sweet Laurel, hosted a lovely Saturday afternoon get together on the most perfect fall day, where I had the chance to discuss with all the women in attendance, my approach on preparing your body for motherhood, pregnancy as well as healing your body post partum. It was so special to lead a group of women in an open and safe environment on a topic that is so important. 

In typical Sweet Laurel fashion, we all enjoyed a delicious grain free lunch, with ingredients so pure and nourishing, that we all felt energized and our blood sugar remained balanced for the remainder of the day. While we ate our desserts, we listened to Claire give a talk on what self care truly means to new moms, followed by Laurel doing a baking demo, using the best healing ingredients and foods to add to our bodies during and post pregnancy (and this can be found in cookies and brownies!)

The day concluded with the moms in attendance, continuing to share stories with one another about their own experiences and lots of numbers were exchanged before we said goodbye. All of the guests left with some of our favorite ways to take care of themselves at home, including my all time everything balm, Nucifera, which is great for daily massage especially abdominal massage (I demo’d this during my talk), and the most perfect non toxic and nourishing lipstick, from Kosås cosmetics, which I found out that day has natural SPF. Plus it wouldn’t be an LA event, without some palo santo, the perfect addition to cleanse your sacred home as well as your loved ones. 

I believe that it is so important to have a community of mothers who support each other in all stages of motherhood, so I am thankful for being a part of this important event and for everyone that attended!