Seven years ago, I opened the doors to Plumb Line Pilates & Physical Therapy. Little did I know that my women’s health practice in Santa Monica, CA would be something that I cherish so dear to my heart. Today, I am so grateful to everyone that has walked through these doors and for my Pilates Instructors and therapists, who ensure that each client receives the best care at the studio. I’ve collected together a few questions I’ve received through Instagram, emails and inquiries about my work and the studio. If you are interested in coming in for Women’s Health Physical Therapy, Pilates, lymphatic massage or a combination of all, I look forward to connecting with you and being a support in your journey to more balance and good health! Xx


Why Plumb Line Pilates AND Physical Therapy? 

I wanted to create a space where I could see my patients for physical therapy and seamlessly progress them to a Pilates program if appropriate. Because Pilates is based on building a strong foundation and connection to the mind and body, I knew it would be a perfect fit for my patients. 


Do you teach just Pilates separate from Physical Therapy?

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Pilates Instructor, I utilize Pilates based exercises as part of my approach, as I believe it is the ideal adjunct to physical therapy. Therefore when I see patients there is always an underlying therapeutic angle or treatment during the Pilates portion. When my patients reach a point when we both feel they are ready to continue to further their strengthening with traditional Pilates, I transition them to one of my trained instructors. This can be while they are continuing to see me for treatment or after, it is a case by case basis. 


Do you offer Pilates classes? 

We do offer small classes, often referred to as semi privates since they are 3-4 people only. Community is important to us as Plumb Line, and these classes offer that sense of connection, as well as make it more accessible. We hope to continue to expand them as the need grows!


If I start a Pilates program, could I still see you for Physical Therapy say after my first Pilates session or vice versa? 

Absolutely! Some clients who want to start with Pilates but would like to make sure that they are cleared for this type of movement first or if they have questions/concerns regarding any previous injuries, they can have an Initial Consultation with me before or after their first Pilates session. This sometimes is a great option as it helps the Pilates Instructors at the studio ensure you get the most out of your Pilates program. But again, each case is individual, and we work together to create the best approach for you. 


How long would you expect to see patients?

As there is no one size that fits all, it really varies from patient to patient. My overall objective in my women’s health practice is to instill the education and confidence in my patients and teach them that they are their own healers. An ideal situation is they come in for a few sessions, I teach them tools in the studio and for home use, incorporate some Pilates and other healthy resources and send them on their way knowing I am always available for them. I am also launching videos this winter to make it even easier for my clients to get the tools in the convenience of their own home which I am so excited about.