Meet Allison


Meet AllisonI am a mother, a wife, a Pilates instructor, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy  specialized in women’s health who’s passion is working with women before, during and after their pregnancies.

The miracle of pregnancy amazes me each day, and how women’s bodies adapt to those changes directly effects how they experience the process. As women we are often stretched in all directions, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And I want to help women take control of their bodies, find balance from within and feel good too!

I help women heal from pain, strengthen their bodies, educate them on everything from proper exercise to the best baby products for their bodies, and so much more. Pregnancy, labor, delivery and childcare effect women across their lifespan and in a multitude of different and incredible ways, so I work with and guide women at any time on their path.

After having two babies in less than two years I realize first hand the many challenges that can come during and after pregnancy, as well as how different each pregnancy can be. I was lucky enough to have two very healthy baby boys who light up my life in ways I never knew possible… as well as completely changed my perspective and approach on what I do and how I do it! My journey with them, and how they impact my body, will forever evolve. But with my knowledge, preparation and body awareness I was able to enjoy both my pregnancies, have good deliveries and heal quickly and safely. I am now in the trenches of constantly reminding myself how to properly lift them (or rather race after them), bathe them, and take care of them as best I can, while also respecting and using my body as efficiently as possible. These are tools not everyone has, but I know women can learn them, tune into their bodies more and enjoy this journey too!

I want to help women heal, feel inspired and embrace their bodies and the process.

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