Client Love

  • Sam Firestone

    “Years of neck issues and migraines followed by 2 C-sections created intense instability and left me in chronic pain. It was hard to find someone whom I could trust to help me rehab my body as previous attempts seemed to result in re-injury and exacerbating my issues.

    I was referred to Allison by Dennis Colonello, D.C. He told me that she has a deep understanding of the female body and would be my best bet at moving forward. I trusted Allison from the moment that I met her. She knows when to push, when to pull back and most importantly how to connect with people and put them at ease. I can’t recommend Allison highly enough and I do, I have referred several friends who have had equally wonderful experiences.”

  • Lauren Axelrod

    Allison Oswald was fantastic to work with throughout my pregnancy!  Allison quickly identified the source of my pain, and developed a thorough regimen of stretching, strengthening, and massage, that was able to alleviate my sciatica.  I immediately felt comfortable with Allison, as she has such comprehensive knowledge of pre- and postpartum health, clearly devotes her practice to the promote the wellbeing of women, and is herself a mom of two! 

    Through my work with Allison, I was able to become pain-free and significantly more mobile during my pregnancy.  Pregnancy, at times, can be stressful, especially if you are in pain, but through my visits with Allison, I was able to truly enjoy the process and celebrate such a special time.  Thank you, Allison!


  • Megan Johnstone

    Allison is amazing! I came to her about 6 months ago with chronic back and hip pain. Having had 2 little ones within 16 months of each other and caring for them on a daily basis as they became not so little anymore wreaked havoc on my body. I had lived with the pain for quite some time before meeting Allison, however within 2 sessions with her the pain was quickly diminishing! She came up with detailed exercises for me to work on at home and our weekly visits quick started the healing process. Because of her I’ve also learned how to change so many little things that make a big difference in how my body feels.

    Allison is as genuine as people come, always looking at the bright side of things, and she’s meticulous in all that she does. Her positive energy is infectious. As an added benefit to feeling better, I truly look forward to and enjoy our sessions together!

  • Katy Tucker

    Keeping a pregnant woman motivated to exercise and feel good about her body is no easy feat!  Allison and her team at Plumb Line were my cheerleaders through weekly Pilates sessions all the way through my pregnancy. Even when I was 2 1/2 weeks late, I was still working out with Allison knowing she was keeping my body safe and preparing me for a healthy delivery.  Everything was smooth sailing until the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  I began to suffer from SI joint pain in my hip and low back.  Allison was able to treat it effectively through manual therapy and therapeutic exercises.  I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to walk around the hospital while in labor!  With Allison’s healing hands, she was able to help me get back to normal!  After laboring for 24 hours, that pesky pain came back again post delivery.  I was a new mom, scared and was having trouble walking.  Again, Allison was able to treat my pain within 2 weeks.  I seriously cannot say enough beautiful things about what Allison can do to help women through pre and postnatal pain, and allow women to feel their best throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

    I’ve told her time and time again, she is a miracle worker!

    Oh, and I completely forgot to mention how she helped me get my core back in shape post baby within just a few months.  Amazing!

  • Dina Litt

    A close friend referred me to Allison Oswald owner of Plumb Line Pilates after my second baby. I wanted to get my body back in shape but in the right way with an expert. I don’t think women realize how hard pregnancy is on the body (especially after the second) and it was clear to me that I needed to take a step back and not rush into just any workout. From my abs, to the “baby maker” (down there), to shoulders & back pain as I was breast feeding, Allison gave me a complete evaluation and advice to address my issues.  She designed a plan that allowed me to ease back into working out and within a few months I really saw results.  Her gentle approach to building my strength and tone back has instilled good habits that are invaluable to my fitness health today. After working with Allison I feel better than I ever have.

    I love coming to the studio, it’s a quiet retreat with great equipment.  Working with Allison is always an absolute pleasure. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. And… as a mother of two, she totally gets it and is really fun to get to know.

    I think that all OB’s should refer pre and post-partum moms to PT.  Allison is THE gift I give to all my pregnant friends so they can get their bodies back to feeling good again.  I have also referred many friends who have enjoyed rehab with Allison for back pain and other physical issues and consistent pilates instruction.

  • Kathleen Miller

    I was introduced to Allison after delivering my second son. While I had an easy birthing experience I developed an abdominal hernia during my pregnancy.  As a mom of two who enjoys running and being athletic daily, this injury was a mental and physical challenge to deal with postpartum. 

    Allison helped me get back on my feet heal properly and quickly. She taught me a great deal through out the process. Not only did she “put me back together” but she gave me skills and techniques to rebuild on my own.

    She is professional, caring, and truly passionate about her profession….as proven through how healthy and strong her clients become in just a few short visits. My only regret is not meeting her sooner!


  • Jennifer Caito Devine

    I feel so lucky to have worked with Allison after my son was born. As a pelvic floor specialist, she saw me at her office and gave me an at-home regimen that got me through the pain and other postpartum issues. We also did pilates to properly treat diastasis recti, before I got back into my pre-pregnancy workout routine. I’m so glad I did it the right way. After working with Allison, my abdominal and pelvic floor muscle tone was the same if not better than before I was pregnant.

    Currently pregnant and with a wild one year old, I am seeing Allison again to help me have a more comfortable pregnancy. And so far this pregnancy has been remarkably less debilitating, no more constant pain through my hips, ribs, and abs. Allison works with me in her office and I do a routine at home that has kept me pain free. It’s remarkable how the little tricks she knows make such a big difference, like sleeping with a body pillow that extends all the way down to your feet to prevent hip pain. My wish for all mamas is that they understand that physical therapists like Allison exist, so that they don’t live with the pain and other discomforts that we’re told is “normal” after having babies.

  • Caroline Smolinisky

    I initially came to Plumb Line in my second trimester of pregnancy. Prior to pregnancy I was a Pilates devotee five days a week. After having a very difficult first trimester spent on bed rest, my doctor gave me the green light to exercise again! She had a few stipulations, however.  First and foremost, if I wanted to continue Pilates I had to find an instructor who knew the limitations of exercising while pregnant in order to keep me and my peanut safe. Plumb Line was the perfect place for me. Two things struck me immediately upon entering the studio. Not only was Plumb Line the prettiest and CLEANEST pilates studio I had every been in, it is also incredibly comfortable and private. Sessions with Allison were unbelievable. She has such a warmth and grace about her, yet she exudes confidence and you feel so safe (at such a vulnerable time) in her care. Each session was a mini tutorial as we worked on strengthening exercises to help manage all the aches and pains of pregnancy, prepare me for delivery and help ease postpartum issues. It wasn’t traditional pilates, obviously. How could it be? Instead it was pilates geared specifically for the pregnant woman.

    Unfortunately, I was back on bed rest midway through the second trimester. I thought growing a person was hard on the body. Growing a person unable to really move is crazy. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Allison and Plumb line. My pilates instructor very quickly became my physical therapist. Lucky for me they were one in the same. Bed rest was good for peanut, bad for me. My back freaked out… literally. At one point I could not move my head without shooting pain throughout my body. Allison worked her PT magic and brought me back to life. She gave me exercises to do at home to help prevent the same injury. I came in once a week for preventive physical therapy work. Plumb Line became my big outing every week.  When I was later put on absolute bed rest, she was kind enough to do at home therapy with me.

    I still see Allison postpartum. My little peanut became a very large 20lb 6 month old. Not surprisingly, my back began to ache. Once I began my weekly Plumb Line sessions, the pain is all but gone.  Additionally, as a woman who just had a baby herself, Allison understands first hand all the issues that might arise postpartum.  Her expertise and knowledge is never far.

  • Susanna Felleman

    I started seeing Allison approximately one year ago when my back — which has had chronic problems since my first child’s birth 10 years ago — was in crisis. I chose Allison because I liked her philosophy of developing a specialized program, treating the whole person and getting you back on your fitness track as soon as possible. Allison quickly helped me out of “crisis mode” but I continue to see her on a regular basis to stay strong, improve my fitness level and change the way my body moves in its every day life as a working mother of two. I appreciate Allison’s attention to detail and specific knowledge of women’s physiology. I also appreciate that Allison is a mom, too, and so understands what it’s like with two young kids at home.

    And of course she is fun and funny and makes you forget how hard you’re working. I couldn’t recommend her more.

  • Marie Carson

    I started seeing Allison when I was 4 months pregnant and struggling with back pain and hip pain due to my changing body coupled with Scoliosis. I was hoping to have my pain eased through physical therapy but truly gained so much more. Allison is incredibly patient, prepared and personal. She greeted me with a warm open smile and I instantly felt at ease. Her kindness and thoughtfulness is only matched by her incredible wealth of knowledge and passion for PT and women’s health. After I began my sessions with Allison I not only saw significant pain relief but was also able to approach my pregnancy with invaluable tools as my body continued to get bigger and bigger! Her holistic approach to prenatal care was impressive to say the least. Allison shepherded me through my pregnancy with dedication and compassion. She is the kind of therapist you can only dream of. I could not speak more highly of her – I gush about her to everyone!